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DIY home security audit in 8 easy steps

DIY home security audit in 10 easy steps

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How is your home security? Is your home REALLY secure? It’s easy to overlook home security when life is constantly busy with work, family and events. Falling into those risky traps of neglecting failing door locks or damaged, missing window locks. It’s easy to overlook these things when you’re barely home to notice them. It’s time to take back control of your safety – and that of your family and home with these 10 easy steps for a home security audit.


Your exterior door deadbolts are crucial to your first line of defense against intruders. While conducting your home security audit, assess the type of lock you have and determine if it fits your needs. Verify that it’s in good working order. Consider the convenience of having all exterior doors keyed alike or join the 21st Century with a durable smart lock that will allow you to control home access from anywhere. If your deadbolts don’t provide the security you need, Midnight Run Services can help with upgrading to a more durable option.


Keys are often overlooked. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, you may have lost track of who has a spare set of keys. Or how many times you or your kids have misplaced the spare. Maybe that fake rock has gone missing or discarded with spring landscaping. An audit is the perfect time to take inventory. If you can’t account for all the spares, which most people can’t, consider replacing your locks or having them rekeyed. Midnight Run Services offers multiple options from rekeying locks to upgrading to smart locks.


Security systems aren’t enormous cameras mounted all over your home anymore. Although those systems still exist, most home security systems are usually more discrete. If you have a security system, make sure the software is up-to-date. Confirm the setting are still right for your lifestyle that only the appropriate people have access to the codes. Checking the batteries, if required, on a schedule will ensure your security system is always working at peak performance. Consider changing passcodes and pairing your security system with smart home devices for added security.


Doors and windows are an intruders playground for entry. Inspect both the material and condition of your doors, solid wood or steel doors are typically harder to break through. Be sure to check your windows for cracks, weak frames and broken latches. If a window renovation is in the future, consider installing shatter-proof glass windows and entry doors. Just as the condition of the door frame is important to the integrity of the doors security, the door hinges need to be inspected. Realign and tighten if needed.


Landscaping does wonders for your curb appeal, but intruders can play hide and seek within the shrubs. Neglected and overgrown shrubbery and tree branches can fall on the roof of your vehicle and cause damage. Keep bushes and trees trimmed, especially those around windows, doors, gates and house numbers. House numbers that can be seen easily from the street make it easier for emergency responders to locate your home.


If you have external buildings such as garages, playhouses, or she sheds, make sure locks are in proper working order. Be sure to inspect side entrances, not just where you park your car. Use the same methods here as you do for the exterior of your home. If you have an attached garage with a keypad, consider updating access codes. Doors leading from garage should be inspected for damage to ensure proper working order.


Your home security audit is also the perfect time to check the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are free of damage or defects. For detectors that are not directly wired to the home it’s important to set up a battery replacement schedule, (one popular option is daylight savings time changes), to ensure your devices are at peak working performance. During your audit take the time for installing or checking fire extinguishers, emergency and first-aid kits and safety devices around the home.


While conducting a DIY security audit of your home, it’s a good time to evaluate your own behavior. Make it a habit to lock your doors even when you’re home. Take extra precautions when you go on vacation to make sure it’s not too obvious that your house is empty and you are away on vacation. Taking time to do your due diligence to locate any weak spots in your own daily routines can go a log way in helping to prevent easy access to your home by those not intended to be there.

In conclusion of your security audit, you may find that updates need to made. Consider all your options when making these improvements. For example replacing the light bulb over your garage is simple fix, but installing a motion-activated flood light or camera could improve security efforts. Simply replacing your entryway locks with same type type would probably be enough. But upgrading to a keyless entry smart lock could be a convenient way to make your daily routines a bit easier.

If DIY is not your thing, contact Midnight Run Services today. Our technicians can provide you with a detailed home security audit and propose the most effective course of action in repairing, rekeying or replacing necessary security concerns. See what people are saying and call us today to set up an appointment for your professional security audit.

As always, please consult with a licensed locksmith and security professional. See full disclaimer here.

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