Security Guard Services

Why Midnight Run Security Services?

Midnight Run Security Services is a locally owned and operated organization located right here in Tulsa, OK.  We are personally vested and totally focused on making our community a safe and pleasant place to live. 

Our Security Services include fixed post, foot and vehicle patrols ideal for Multi-Family properties, Residential communities and businesses.  This is onsite based  security for residential communities, as well as,  commercial, manufacturing and construction sites.  

We recommend a combination of foot patrol and vehicle patrols.  This approach offers both the visual deterrence that most Security Guard Agencies sell as their service, as well as an up close and personal relationship and  impact that usually includes securing public areas after hours, verifying vacant areas are free from vandalism or squatters and patrolling parking areas where auto burglaries and vandalism are common. 

What Midnight Run Security Services Offers

In addition to the multi-family properties, residential communities and business patrol security mentioned above, Midnight Run Services also provide Event Security and Staff for special events such as concerts, grand openings, organized company and university parties and private events. These Events generally require security for the safety of the host as well as the attendees. Having visible and trained Security Officers offers a comfort to all those involved and allows for very rapid response if necessary in an emergency.  

Midnight Run Services also offers Security Services in the worste of times.  Sometimes in business or families emotions run high and it is a great idea to have Security Officers onsite to help calm the situation and keep the peace.  These situation might include an employee termination or the separation of property in a divorce situation.

What is comming for Midnight Run Security Services

Midnight Run Security Services will soon be offering a combination of services  allowing substantially higher levels of personal and property security.  By combining monitored video surveillance with a rapid tactical response  security team we can often preempt security concerns instead of the  traditional response after the fact.  Imagine this difference:  You contract a security company to do a random security patrol pass  through your company’s parking lot 3-4 times a night. Simply rolling the  dice that the security vehicle is acting as deterrence to any would be  criminal. Or, you have 2-4 well placed video cameras that will activate with  motion activity where there should be none and automatically sends a 10  second clip to the monitoring service who will determine if an intruder  actually exists. If any incident is noted while being monitored, a  tactical security response team is automatically dispatched as well as a  911 call placed to the local police department. Making an apprehension  rather than simply making a report. Oh, by the way with a complete  system you would have access to camera views from any computer or  smartphone with internet access.   

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