Emergency Lockout in Tulsa, OK - 918-895-6779

Emergency Locksmith Services

We will get you into your vehicle, home or business quickly and  professionally reducing or eliminating the risk of damaging your  property by attempting to “break in” without the proper tools and  experience. We can be at most places in the Tulsa Metro area from 15 –  30 minutes. 

Professional Locksmith Services

Midnight Run Locksmith Services is a fully licensed and insured  locksmith company serving the larger Tulsa metro area for over 10 years,  Midnight Run Locksmith services are a unique compliment to  investigative and personal security disciplines and we primarily focus  on automotive, residential, retail, corporate and commercial areas. Offering  security consultation and installation, as well as basic re-key  replacement and repair services. It is a complete and well-rounded  approach to personal security and protection.  

The First Step to your Security

Controlling access to your space is the first step to securing your property and your safety.

4 Reasons to remember Midnight Run Services: 

  • •You move into a new home and you don’t know who has copies of the old keys. 
  • •A new family arrangement requires different access control for peace of mind.
  • •An employee has left you without returning his/her keys to your business. 
  • •You never plan on being locked out of your home, business or car. 

You never know when you’ll need one of the many emergency, locksmith or security services that we offer.