Professional Process Service in Tulsa, OK

Why Midnight Run Services

Midnight Run Process Services offers professional process service  with prompt, professional & ethical service of process throughout  the State of Oklahoma with reasonable rates. We are licensed by the  State of Oklahoma and bonded/insured for the delivery of legal court  documents to individuals, businesses and legal entities ordered by the  courts. We also offer Notary Service. 

What Midnight Run Services offer

Midnight Run Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma guarantees the first attempt within 48 hours anywhere in the State  of Oklahoma. We will attempt a minimum of four attempts to all provided  addresses or locations. Midnight Run Services can also provide skip  trace services. For an additional fee we will also handle expedited  services and alias summons and orders. Feel free to call for additional  pricing information.  We also offer Notary Service. Call us for your Process Service in Tulsa, OK.

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